17 weeks to go - The first Marathon

Christmas week and back to running after a week out with man flu (worst kind). 3 offroad runs through the rural Essex countryside totalling 40km

Berlin 2010

It started in 2010 when my brother kindly bought a few of us entry to the Berlin Marathon in September 2010. He and 2 others pulled out pretty much before the end of January (a long time before the training was due to begin). I managed to convince another friend Tim to sign up and our summer of training began. With no real knowledge or structure but armed with a couple of months Olympic distance triathlon fitness, training consisted of a few long runs getting progressively longer each week, a couple of track sessions then some steady runs out on the road. The actual Marathon experience was a great one and the time of 3h17m57s was enough to get me wondering how much I could improve on my time with a build of fitness and more structure to the training.