16 weeks to go - Group Training

1st week of the new year, not the official start to my 14 week program but getting out there and keeping the fitness going. 3 runs totaling 42km this week (that's a marathon done already). The weekend run consisted of a 3 long intervals (5k, 4k, 3k at between 10k and 5k pace) a session I picked up from the 'Horwill Harriers' Group Training

In November I was able to join up with a group at Battersea Park for their Saturday sessions. The difference between running in a group is huge and highly recommended. The previous week I had struggled with a 10k easy run, when I joined in with the group session I covered 25k in the session, comprising long intervals, hills and drills.

The group sessions involved long intervals at the weekend (eg 5k, 4k and 3k at different paces with a 2 minute easy recovery) and shorter track intervals with a faster rolling recovery during the week.  I sensed these sessions would be highly effective and certainly different to the previous style of interval sessions I had run in the past.

The basis of the sessions was about short fast recoveries and were set by Peter Thompson. If you like your running science it is well worth finding out more from his website


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