15 weeks to go - Base Fitness

Still 1 week to go before my official 14 weeks start although I'm not sure what will change. I seem to be without a formal plan as yet. 3 runs this week totalLing 53k. Base Fitness

One thing I realised with training for the Paris Marathon was that a 14 week program does not leave anytime for illness, injury or stag dos. The first goal was to start the 14 week program with a solid base of fitness. Having had a good Triathlon season in 2012. I took a month break after completing the London Triathlon in late September. By the end of October I was keen to get going again. I started with some easy runs, many of them off road and on hills. No significance put on distance or pace,  it was more a run how I feel and tried to get in 3 of these each week. With a better fitness base the body should be stronger and able to cope with an increased intensity as well as an increase in the number of weekly sessions.

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