14 Weeks to go - Experience

4 runs this week totalling 39k  

My first Marathon was Berlin in 2010 after a years break the next was Paris in April 2012.

My experience from training for Berlin showed me that interval track sessions (for example 20 x 400m or 10 x 800m) and tempo runs (fast paced runs of between 7k and 10k) were a great way to improve fitness so I added a few of these to my schedule. I also realised that rather than just one long run of 20 miles a few would be more beneficial so added a couple of those.

Looking back over my 14 week training schedule I completed 48 runs (which was less than 3 1/2 a week).

They were made up of the following:

5 races: 1 each of 5k, 10k, 10m and 2 x Half Marathon’s

10 long runs including 3 x 32k at around 5-10% off race pace. (Race pace being 4.15min/km).

13 tempo runs of upto 10k

5 track interval sessions

15 easy runs of 10k

My Paris time was 3h02m25s (146 seconds outside of sub 3 hours)

Looking back at my training stats the main points to consider are:

Faster tempos; only 2 of my runs were actually at suggested tempo pace of 4.08min/km

Longer tempos: the longest tempo was only 10k

More interval track training needed

Longer intervals for speed endurance

Be more consistent,  sometimes I left gaps of 5 or 6 days between runs.

Generally more mileage, I only broke 50k on 4 of the 14 weeks and 7 of the weeks didn’t go above 40k.

Start the program fitter – my previous run before the program started was 5 weeks earlier.

A few things to work on, can I put it into practice….

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