11 weeeks to go - Race Time

4 runs totalling 47k. This included this killer track session on Tuesday: 2 x 800m, 1000m, 1200m, 1000m, 800m each with a 200m rolling recovery of around 50 seconds. The 800s and 1200s were to be run at 5k pace, the 1000m at 10k pace. So 5k pace laps were to be run in 84 seconds and 10k pace laps at 88 seconds...keeping up?

The first set went ok, I was hitting the right times for each interval and each recovery but the second set fell apart a little. The intervals were down but more importantly (as far as I understand New Interval Training and Lactate Dynamics Training) the recovery periods were off.

Definitely a challenging session and one I shall revisit soon but moving the paces to 86s and 90s (5k of 17m55s and 10k of 37m30s) and hope that is more realistic/achievable pace.

The week also included a 10k race at the weekend. The first indication of how my training is going. 10k, 10 miles and Half Marathon races are essential along the way to give you an idea of what pace you should be running the Marathon at. Take your race time and plug it into a Marathon calculator. My favourite is at:


The Regents Park 10k Winter Series, happens the first Sunday of every month throughout the Winter. A very cold morning (-2 degrees according to my Garmin) but it didn't seem to put off the 600 or so people that raced. My time of 38m24s was just 4 seconds off my pb which was run last year, 3 weeks before the Paris Marathon. That suggests training is going well let's hope I can keep injuries and illness at bay.

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