9 weeks to go - Weight

3 Runs 59km - 20 mile long run, long interval session and a recovery 10k. In a bid to make up that 146 seconds I needed to go sub 3 hours in Paris I am looking at as many aspects as I can think of to find those improvements. The discovery of ideal race weight and performance really has amazed me.

When I ran Paris I was probably 74kgs, I was in reasonable shape having trained pretty consistently over the previous 3 months but I was not paying much attention to nutrition and food in general. I figured I was burning 1000 maybe 2000 extra calories on some days so I could eat what I wanted.

However, research suggests that for every kilo I lose, I would knock off around 2 minutes from my marathon time. Who could honestly say they wouldn't miss 2kgs form around the tummy! So 2kgs would have allowed me to smash the 3 hour barrier. It certainly makes interesting reading.

Obviously it isn't never ending, there comes a time when you start eating into glycogen stores, muscle mass and it affects hydration levels and this would all be accompanied by a deterioration in performance.

But to drop 2-3kgs is surely not a problem. I'm running on average 4-5 hours a week and according to Garmin I am burning 800-1000 calories an hour. 1 kg is 7700 so if I keep my diet the same I can lose half a kilo a week...and if I was to cut down on the amount of bread I eat I could probably speed that up a little if I wanted to. I peaked around Christmas at 75kgs... So 3kgs to lose for sub 3 - simple as that?!

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