8 Weeks to go - Form

I managed to wipe the Garmin and lost the data this week but this doesn't mean the miles aren't in the legs! 3 runs 35km (I think) including a 10 mile race which I managed to set a 10k pb in the last 10k of the race (unofficial of course) This either suggests that I am not warming up enough for my 10k races or that the training is going pretty well. Form

I think Form is probably the most important aspect that I need to address. When watching Mo Farrah's 10k run apart from maybe the last lap, you can not tell whether he is on lap 1 or lap 24 as he holds his good form to the end. When running around a park you can generally tell who has been out for 20 mins and who has been running for nearer 60.

The key is neutral spine, relaxed posture, equal and balanced stride length (elite athletes tend to run at cadence of 180-190 strides a minute...which is a lot!), running light on your feet, elbows tucked in gliding forward and backwards with no internal or external rotation and many more factors which make for an smooth and balanced running style which increases efficiency which is so important for the marathon distance. With around 30-35,000 steps to a marathon, if efficiency is improved in each step it can multiply into substantial energy savings.

A good starting point is balance. Can you balance on one leg for 2 minutes? How about the other one? And now standing on a pillow? On a pillow looking left and right? On a pillow looking left and right with your eyes closed? 2 pillows?

You get the idea, but each stage will take a good few days to master and can improve your foot position with each stride.

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