6 weeks to go - Mental toughness

4 runs - 70km. This Included 2 x 14km run on the Wednesday (easy on the way to work, tempo on the way back) The idea here is to run on tired legs to simulate a long run but hopefully with less injury risk. There was also a 20 mile run on the Saturday. Perhaps foolishly this week also coincided with me ramping up my bike training for the triathlon season. As a result, Saturday was probably the most unpleasant run I have ever done. Like most people doing the London Marathon the scheduled run for weekend involved a 20 miler. Well done to everyone that completed it at some point during a cold, wet and windy weekend but it is conditions like these that will give you strength on the big day. Miserable weather, running on empty if you did not take enough gels, extra hills, weaving in and out of dogs and kids on bikes, stop/start at traffic lights, supressing the urge to take the bus, running on tired legs, running that extra 2k when you got lost/ miscalculated the route....all this will give you the extra edge needed to take you through those last 6 miles. When you add the crowd support and the return of energy you get following a successful tapering period, 26 miles on marathon day will be a breeze compared to anyone running 20 miles this weekend - keep up the good work!

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