5 weeks to go - Gear

2 runs this week - 20km. Not a huge amount. One was a recovery run from the 20 miler on Saturday, then I took a 3 day mini taper in preparation for my 20 mile Race Pace run on Sunday which will be in next weeks update. Race day preparation

This is the gear I will use/take on Marathon Day

Shoes - Saucony Fastwitch 4. I've been using the Fastwitch 5s all year to train in but managed to track down a new pair of discontinued 4s to race in. The recommendation is to put 50 miles in a new pair of shoes before race day.

Shoelaces - Xtenex elastic laces. £9 for a shoelace might seem steep but there is maintains the same tension for the entire race and no change of the lace becoming untied.

Socks - Karrimor fitted ankle socks. Lots of different brands to choose from but a fitted sock is essential for comfort and reducing blisters.

Tri shorts - it prevents my thighs chaffing!

Shorts - More mile running shorts

Running vest

Garmin 310XT (possibly a heart rate monitor)

Spibelt (elasticated running pouch) - great for holding gels with minimal bounce and attaching running number without needing pins.

SiS Go Running Gels - Blackcurrant, probably 5. I use these as you don't need to take with water. In Paris I took them every 9km (approx every 37 minutes), I'm thinking of upping this to every 8km (32mins) for London but am still researching that one.

Cheap hat (to be disposed of in the pen or after a few km)

Gloves (also to be disposed of)

Old clothes and a black bin bag to protect from wind and rain whilst waiting in the pen

Bottle of lucozade


Small pack of wet wipes

I don't go for the following but worth considering:

Vaseline or similar useful for the bits that are prone to chaffing. There isn't much more unpleasant than seeing someone with bleeding nipples. A lot of the tops people run in aren't actually running tops or don't fit correctly. After 26 miles this can lead to nasty results. Definitely worth getting a proper, well fitting top and testing it next to the skin on a long run. Also worth considering knees and armpits

Sweets / Gel shots - chewy smaller version of the liquid gels.

It's also good to have some snacks and warm clothes for after the run. Unless it's a hot day you will get cold once you cross the line and stop.

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