2 weeks to go - Taper

Just 3 runs this week including a 5km parkrun in Southend setting a pb of 17.49 and coming 2nd. I really seem to have wound down, I feel I have started my taper too early but hopefully that is just doubt that comes with every taper...

If you've got no interest in running, your legs feel like lead, you're thinking you have a cold coming on then your taper must be going well. Now is the time to trust in your training and stay out of trouble. Shorter runs is all that is needed in the days leading up to race day. Now is a good idea to test out your race day strategy including your pre-race breakfast, race kit and being ready to race at race time...and cut your toe nails if they need it. The final week is when the energy returns to the legs after several months of abuse. It can be a good idea to get a sports massage or sports physio to release off the residual tightness in the legs and back.

Carb loading does not mean pasta eating competitions. I got a bit carried away with marathon number 1 and was left with a bloated stomach all night which stopped me from getting much sleep. It is simply a question of getting your normal calorific intake with the majority of it being in the form of carbs rather than majoring in protein and fats. A rule of thumb is 8-10g of carbs per day per kilo of bodyweight so a 70kg person should consume between 560-700 grams of carbs which is still a lot of food. There is some research to suggest early on in the week you should fat load then carb load as you get towards race day...but for me I will stick to my usual pre-race routine which increases carbs about 1 and a half days before but most importantly is the day before.

As for sleep and rest, anything you can get the week before will be beneficial. The most important nights to get good sleep is Friday night. There will no doubt be some Saturday night nerves so if you can't sleep too well, ensure your legs are rested.

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