26.2 Miles - 3 hours 8 minutes 3 seconds


3 hours 8 minutes and 3 seconds - oops, that wasn't supposed to happen! First up, if anyone is thinking about doing the London Mararthon, definitely do it. The support is amazing although I think this is where my problems started.

My expectations where pretty great and so sleep in the last 3-4 days was pretty limited. I need to ask a Team GB athlete how they coped with sleep leading up to the 2012 Olympics - I can't imagine the pressure they must have been feeling.

The turnout, noise and support of the crowd spurred me on way too much. I decided to wear a heart rate monitor in the end. I was unable to race the half marathon 2 weeks ago as I had a cold so I did not have an accurate pace predictor going in to the Marathon. The plan was to warm up over 3k with a HR at low 150s, built to 158 over the next 11k then up to 168 until 28k however after 2km my HR was already up to 161 but I just couldn't slow myself down as the atmosphere was so good. I felt fine for the first 20 miles (as so many people do). The race splits show 5 consecutive sub 21 minute 5k's but then the wheels fell off, the legs turned to lead and there was not much left to give.

The table below shows Race time, 5k splits and average time per kilometre










Finish time03:08:0311:4505:22

I loved the day but am a little disappointed that I couldn't discipline myself to follow the race plan (take my own advice!).

On the plus side, going under 3.10 means I should automatically qualify for next year so I can have another go at going sub 3!

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