2014 - The weight is over

7kgs over to be precise. I was a little surprised and now have to lose 10% of my body weight to get back to race weight.

3 months since my last triathlon and 2 months since my last cycling sportive combined with a successful festive season has possibly taken it’s toll. There was a definite need for a bit of rest at the end of last season. In the previous year I got back to running, and running at a high intensity too soon. I felt that was partially responsible for me running out of steam/motivation about a month before the London marathon so I didn’t fully complete the training schedule.

The early season plan this year is to get back to running 10kms pretty consistently and to get rid of those early season niggles and to be a bit more ready for the 14 week training program which starts on the 6th January. I finally managed to get the first run in after Christmas.

The week went like this:

28th Dec – 6k in 4m35/km pace. Didn’t feel too bad but didn’t have much more in me.

29th Dec – 8k 4.46/km heavy legs, died toward the end

31st Dec – 10k 4.54/km very tough

2nd Jan 10k 4.46/km felt easier, better pacing

3rd Jan 10k 4.49/km pacing ok, hard work. Left knee niggle.

So, 5 runs, 44k in a week, which goes against anything I would advise for a return to running program although I had been working on my strength and stability in the build up and had been diligent with stretching as well as more consistent with my warm up; making sure the first 3km is not the fastest.

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