Run before I can walk

25k this week – no long run 4th Jan 10k 4.50/km 7th Jan 10k 4.34/km 8th Jan 2 x 5k walk 7.30/km 9th Jan 5k walk 7.40/km 9th Jan 5k run with 2 * 1k at 4.00/km

It was pointed out recently on a running course for physios that I couldn’t walk. Absurd but correct. Thinking about it, I realised if I’m getting somewhere I’ll either cycle or run and if I’m walking I’ll either be pushing a pram or carrying a rucksack both of which will impede the symmetry required for a good walking technique. Running is pretty much an extension of walking but it is easier to spot the mistakes / weakness / instability / tightness whilst walking than it is running. Try it.

With the inevitable niggle not wanting me to run as much this week I took to walking. High arms up to equal height lead the legs. When I concentrate on it (and I really need to) my right leg picks up more so that I don’t scuff the floor every few steps as I normally do. In 30 minutes I was covering about 4km. I was surprised at the speed I was able to maintain without any muscle ache and certainly no joint twinges. If I was able to maintain this pace which with a little work I’m sure I could that would bring me home in around a 5h15m marathon.

With that in mind I will be trying, as part of my stability and recovery component of the training program, to introduce 1 or 2 x 30 minute walks a week.

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