Returning to form

78km this week 13th Jan 18km 4.38/km 14th Jan 10km 4.54/km 15th Jan 10km 4.30/km 16th jan 10km 4.47/km 18th Jan 10km 4.37/km Average HR 155 19th Jan 20km 4.34/km

A ridiculous ramp up in mileage, partly because I didn’t fit the long run in on Sunday so had to do it on Monday. The plan for the first 3 weeks of running was to keep the legs ticking over, slowly returning to fitness and building leg strength through running but with some stability work thrown in as well. Traditionally this base phase is done before the 14 week training plan starts but I’m trying to sneak it in during the training plan. I feel I’m on the precipice of injury as injuries tend to happen following an increase of mileage, speed or gradient and within the first 6 weeks of commencing training however at present the legs are feeling strong and the niggles are calming down.

I don’t want to add any speed or hill work until week 4 as by then i hope to be returning to my usual running form. My first test is the Wokingham Half Marathon on the 9th Feb – 3 weeks away.

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