Marathon not a sprint

50k this week including a 10mile (16k) race: 17th Feb 10.5k at 4.41s/km 19th Feb longer tempo 13.5k at 4.18/km 20th Feb 10k at 4m24s. Average HR 156 23rd Feb 10miles /16.1k at 4m05m/km

The training plan for this year's marathon was a different one to the previous 2 years. For the 3h02 in Paris I averaged 3.3 runs a week which included one long run, one fast run and one interval session. Any additional runs would generally be a 10k recovery run.

This year I wanted to get more miles in the legs to build leg strength and develop fitness that way. Ideally 6 runs a week with an additional long run mid week.

It quickly became apparent that 6 runs was rarely going to be possible with work, family and social commitments but minimum 4 sometimes 5 seemed mostly possible so my mileage has been higher than previous years. However, 7 weeks in and I have no idea if it is effective or not. I've not been tired as I remember from last year, probably because my plan means I don't have to push myself.

Unfortunately the Wokingham half marathon 2 weeks ago was cancelled so I couldn't get a guide from that. So the first chance was this weekend with a 10 mile race which I had done twice before during previous marathon campaigns. Last year I finished in 1 hour and 29 seconds (the course seemed about 400m short) but the average pace was 3m51s / kilometre which curiously is the same pace as my 10k pb... It obviously takes me a while to warm up.

This year I came in quite a bit slower with an average pace of 4m05s / km a whopping 14 seconds per km slower. The race was hard work from start to finish and I generally felt sluggish. I'm not completely panicking just yet as my plan was to start training later to peak on marathon day so it has provided a useful wake up call that there is still a little work to do to get back to last years fitness.

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