Mid program complacency

36k this week 14k in 4m19/km 6k treadmill 16k in 5m21/km

Was only able to get my first run done on Wednesday - the rest had clearly helped. Blasted 14k in an hour which is around marathon pace and it felt good. busy week then managed to get away at the weekend which threw the regular weekend routine so had a 6k treadmill session on Saturday with 3 fast k's making up part of it. Treadmills are great for rehab and technique drills but it reminded me of how much I dislike treadmill running 28 mins felt like hours. I also felt a bit of a niggle in my right knee...but nothing unusual - 2 weeks ago it was my left.

On arriving back to London mid-afternoon on Sunday, I stepped out of the car and with it being such a scorcher (for March) I thought I would try to sneak the long run in. My last long run was 16th Feb and the one before that was 26th Jan - some big gaps seem to have developed. 8k down the road, disaster struck. The unmistakeable stabbing pain of an angry ITB on the outside of my right knee stopped me in my tracks. That's not good. Tried to run back but the last 6 k were more of a miserable hobble.

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