Race test

3 runs totalling 39k 11k including 9 x 1k at 4.08/km 6k in 4.31/km 21.1 Half Marathon Race 1h29

My first half marathon of the campaign was rained off, the second I cried off due to feeling out of shape from an injury. With 2 weeks to go I was hoping this one would feel a little better. With perfect conditions for running at Paddock Wood I set off from the start too fast, as always, averaging 4.04/km but all was going fine for an hour as I approached the 15km water station. As I veered off to grab a cup a searing shot of knee pain kicked in stopping me in my tracks. Instantly I thought, not only was it the end of this race but the end of my 2014 London marathon plans. I walked back to the aid station to ask the quickest way back to the finish. The volunteer kindly told me I was on the right road - so just 6k to go.

There was no way I was walking 6k so I tried a couple of stretches and started jogging. Jogging was fine so I picked up the pace. After about 3 minutes I found myself back at race pace and feeling comfortable. I had to stop a couple more times for a couple of irrelevant stretches when the knee got sore again. I say irrelevant as I don't believe you can stretch yourself out of pain quite as quickly as that.

What I suspect was going on was that the brain was trying to tell me that I was going too fast for my current level of fitness and wanted me to slow down which is why after a quick rest I was able to pick it back up again.

Race time was 1.29 running time was 1.26.43 which is not too far off where 3 hour marathon pace needs to be... I just need to keep the running continuous.

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