Final long run

2 runs - 54k this week. 34km in 2h40m (4.43/km) 19k in 4.15/km

Less than 2 weeks to go and I was still conscious of only having done one 20 miler - and that was 7 weeks ago. As it's not been the most straightforward training program to date I decided to shorten the taper to 10 days and go for a final long run. I really wasn't looking forward to a 6am start to get a long run in before work on the Wednesday but luckily I had a cancellation followed by a gap on Tuesday which gave me enough time for a 34km / 21 miler. The legs were still heavy from Sunday's race but it was certainly preferable to an early one on Wednesday.

21 miles at a comfortable pace, no niggles and legs felt good. Very pleased to have got it out of the way, 12 days to go until the race. Should be enough recovery time. On the downside, I did pick up a bug which wiped me out for 2-3 days and shows why you shouldn't do any last minute long runs!

Was better by Sunday for a 12 miles race pace effort. Couple of knee niggles meant I had to stop, otherwise all ok.

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