Spring Marathon 2018...Ballot Success?

If you were successful with your ballot entry to the Virgin London Marathon - Congratulations! You should enter the National Lottery this week too, the odds of winning are similar!

Whether you got a London place in the ballot, through a charity or are planning on undertaking one of the many other Spring Marathons, the hard work is about to start.

Injury is the biggest threat to prevent you being at the start line in London on 22nd April, Brighton on 15th April, Paris and Rome on 8th April or even Ibiza on 7th April. 

Most training plans are 14-16 weeks long which means Week 1 for London could start on January 1st (ideally with a clear head) but by the end of Week 1 you need to be running around 10 miles. 

It will take you 4-8 weeks to build up to 10 miles if you haven’t run recently. That means you should be starting now! 

There is plenty of time to decide which training plan you will follow but as a minimum it will involve running 3 times a week and ideally at least one strength session a week. 

Now is the time to get in to good habits. So start now and get out 3 times a week - even if you walk the majority for the first few. You can introduce 2 minutes of running followed by 1 minute of walking and build from there.

Over the next few weeks as you get closer to the start of your training plan you should build to 2 x 45 minutes and 1 x 60 minutes of run/walk sessions (mostly running by this stage). This will gradually prepare the muscles and tendons for the 400-600 miles that they have to cover to get you comfortably to the finish line in April without having to become expert at the rehabilitation of Achilles Tendinopathy or Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome.

Have you got your trainers on yet?

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Have you got your trainers on yet?

Have you got your trainers on yet?

Toby Sullivan