But I don’t have time for exercises!

Everyone is time crunched, there is always a big to do list that seems far more important than doing physiotherapy exercises but often the reality is that the spare time never arrives. Gym sessions are missed and the essential strength exercises that can aid running performance and be beneficial for injury prevention are neglected.

Often there isn’t the time to spend an hour at the gym but not having ANY time is unlikely. The key is REMEMBERING to do the exercises when those few minutes arrive. That is why a huge red ball rolling around the house can be the perfect aide memoir for when the time (2 mins 30 seconds in this case) becomes available. Try these two great leg exercises for runners: The Gluteal Bridge and Hamstring Curl. They get me every time. 3 x 10 - alternate between the two. 

Click here for the slower version:


More Swiss Ball exercises to follow - get one and pump it up!

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